New Products!

We have several new products available this month!

First off, our “Deep Stalker” underwater shapeshifter for AD&D, 3e, Pathfinder, and 5e. Like a doppleganger of the deep, it’s a fun foe to insert in an underwater adventure – or especially in a campaign centered in the vasty deeps!

Second, a new mini-adventure for Monsters & Magic, Wolves & Red Hood, Oh My! For 3-6 characters of 2nd-3rd level, this adventure involves figuring out exactly what’s really happening when a local peasant approaches the party to ask for their help with the kidnapping of his daughter by a wolfwere.

Third, we have a new supplement for GMs of D&D and other old-school RPGs. One Man’s Trash is an aid for creating treasure hoards that aren’t just “X thousand copper, Y thousand silver…”. Featuring over 250 treasure items and their values, plus a quick and simple system for taking the treasures generated by OSR games and turning them into something that a monster might have naturally accumulated, we hope that One Man’s Trash will become a book you’ll always want to have by your side when creating adventures!

Last, but not least, we have our “GenCan’t 2016” adventure – the playtest of our upcoming zombie RPG that we ran at GenCon! See if your players can survive The Carstairs Incident! This package features the scenario, the playtest rules, 12 pre-gen characters, a map of how the characters know each other, a blank character sheet, and maps of the arena where the scenario begins!