More Art!

Today, we have art to show you from Ryan Lee – the illustrations for the Annis; Hydra; Rustungsspük (armor guardian); and Mezzurithal, Demon Lady of Nightmares!

Annis Hydra lurking Mezzurithal Rustungsspük

A New Year, a New Beginning

Welcome to our web site!  It seems appropriate that we’re launching it today, on the first day of 2014 – especially since this is the first day of our company’s official existence!

Now, if you’re aware of us at all, you know we’ve been running a Kickstarter since late November, and you might know we’ve been working on the monster book that we’ve come to title Collectanea Creaturae for around six months… but today we’ve only recently filed the paperwork to make this idea into an official honest-to-God company, and January 1st is what we chose for our start date… so this is the official birthday of Ebon Gryphon Games!

Things are looking well, with our Kickstarter succeeding well beyond our expectations.  (Not beyond our wildest dreams, but we’re gamers – our dreams tend to be big!)

We’re looking forward to bringing you Collectanea Creaturae and its companion Aperita Arcana – and in the more distant future, our working-titled Zombie World and our vampire story game … and cast no shadow.  We hope the new year is good to all of you as well!

For sticking around and reading this, have a new bit of artwork – a cover mockup for Aperita Arcana!