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Ebon Fantasy and the OGL

Given the current news about WotC trying to de-authorize the OGL 1.0a, we’d like to point out that Ebon Fantasy Essence’s text can be used under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 4.0 license. Since that license actually contains a statement saying it is irrevocable, you don’t have to worry that someday we might be under new management that decides to pull the rug out from under you!

We also offer OGL 1.0a licensing, but since Ebon Fantasy Essence itself contains no copyrightable material taken from any other OGL product, we will not have to rewrite anything even if the OGL 1.0a should go away.

2023’s 12 Days of Christmas!

We’ve updated the Ebon Fantasy page to include everything new from this year’s 12 Days of Christmas. That includes:

  • 23 new Martial Arts advancements
  • 12 new Mage advancements (in the Illusionist specialty)
  • 10 new levels
  • 7 Throwing & Shooting advancements
  • 3 new Patrons
  • 2 new Backgrounds (and 2 new Denizens)
  • 1 new Kindred
  • updates to the FAQ and Martial Practitioner specialty
  • and an expansion of the magic rules!

(Sorry, we couldn’t find any partridges or pear trees.)

What’s Been Up at Ebon Gryphon

New day jobs and minor illnesses have kept things moving slowly here at Ebon Gryphon, but things have been quietly simmering along! Back at Christmas Time, we did our “twelve days of Ebon Gryphon Christmas” on Facebook. The resources posted then have been added to our Ebon Fantasy page here now to make them easier to find in the future!

You can find a lot there now – Dwarves, Grims, and Orcs as new kindreds, two new regions, three new general backgrounds, seven specialties, four Patrons, two denizens, and rules for crafting and mounts among it! There’s also a link to the form-fillable character sheet, and four sample characters… check it out!

The Day Job has unfortunately been consuming most of Julian’s time, but Travis has been working on a long-term pet project of his, a GM-less, single-session RPG meant to emulate vampire movies in the classic horror vein – Dracula and the Hammer movies, rather than, say, Twilight. It’s called … and cast no shadow, and here’s a preview of a couple of pages!

Ebon Fantasy Essence Is Now Available in Print!

We’ve turned on the print option for Ebon Fantasy Essence on DriveThruRPG, and it’s available on Amazon as well! Print cost is $20. If you order through DriveThru, you can get it in PDF as well for no extra charge.

We’ll be sending out coupons for PDF purchasers to get the printed book for the difference in price ($8) this evening. They’ll come through DriveThru’s system for emailing previous customers, so you might want to check your contact settings! You can check and change them at:

On DriveThru, you can find Ebon Fantasy here:

On Amazon, it’s here:

It’s print on demand, and DriveThru and Amazon use different printers, so there are differences. Illustrations are a bit clearer in the DriveThru version, but the paper doesn’t seem to be of as high quality. The DriveThru cover is glossy, the Amazon cover is matte.

New Proofs Ordered – Print Option Soon!

Feels like we’ve been waiting forever (more like two weeks really), but we got confirmation from Amazon today that our revised proof copies of Ebon Fantasy Essence shipped, and DriveThru’s preliminary print approval came through, so we were able to order proof copies there!

New Content for Ebon Fantasy!

Over on the Ebon Fantasy page, we now have the Martial Practitioner, for those who prefer their Warriors to fight without weapons, and a discussion of Death and Undead in Tathir, which includes the Patron info for Devotees of Arel, goddess of love, joy, death, and laughter!

Ebon Fantasy Essence is now available!

Ebon Fantasy Essence, our introduction to Ebon Fantasy, is now available on DriveThru!

So what is Ebon Fantasy? It’s our own adaptation of the Effect Engine, incorporating concepts from our earlier Aperita Arcana supplement for it. Where the first Effect Engine game tried to keep compatibility with early D&D, so you could use it to play D&D adventures, Ebon Fantasy moves away from that, freeing it to make more significant changes, and to use the Effect Engine in different ways.

Essence gives you the core rules of Ebon Fantasy, covering character levels 1 to 10. All the classes are included, but a limited set of class specialties, kindreds, and backgrounds are in it. Future products will expand on it, introducing more of each, along with creatures, adventures, and so on!

So go check it out!