We’re happy to announce that Collectanea Creaturae: Creature Collection for Fate Core, has been re-released in a revised and expanded edition! The new version has 302 pages, compared to the 264 of the original. We’ve revised the layout to make it easier to use, added many new pieces of art, and expanded on creatures throughout the book.

If you received the PDF through RPGnow or DriveThruRPG (which includes most of our Kickstarter backers), then the updated PDF is available to you in your library there. If you bought it through Amazon or another book or game store, contact us to get an updated PDF.

Physical copies of the new book will be available as soon as we can get them approved at CreateSpace and OneBookShelf (the parent company of RPGnow and DriveThruRPG). This may take as much as a couple of weeks, but we will announce here when they are ready, and those who have previously bought the book will be offered a discount!