Here’s some resources to use with Ebon Fantasy!

The character sheet! This is a form-fillable PDF, with some auto-calculation, and a built-in die roller! If you put in dice as “+” followed by something, it will roll the base dice for you and add whatever else you put! (You can see examples of this in the sample character sheets.)

Ebon Fantasy Character Sheet version 1.1

Sample Characters:

New Backgrounds and Specialties:

New Patrons for Devotees:

New Kindreds:

Kindred Admixtures, with elements for odd ancestries like demonic blood, faerie ancestry, and so on, plus a new background, “Monstrosity”, for those who grew up in circumstances where they were considered ‘monsters’!

New Regions:

Maps for those regions:

New Rules:

  • Bits & Pieces: new weapon and armor options; rules for services, crafting, and workshops; and an explanation of how to do wrestling with the existing combat rules!
  • Mounts & Riding

New Denizens: