Here’s some resources to use with Ebon Fantasy!

The character sheet! This is a form-fillable PDF, with some auto-calculation, and a built-in die roller! If you put in dice as “+” followed by something, it will roll the base dice for you and add whatever else you put! (You can see examples of this in the sample character sheets.)

Ebon Fantasy Character Sheet version 1.1

Here are some sample characters:

Anrehinalu: an elven Arbiter/Scoundrel of junirij origin

Kresha: a horned lizardfolk warrior, formerly of the Kalirad Dragoons

Maribelle: an elf-blooded human mage, raised as a vorijwae

Per Firehands: a goblin mage of gnomish origin

A new Warrior specialty: the Martial Practitioner!

Two new general backgrounds: the Fringer and Scholar!

A new kindred — the Dwarves: Mourners of Metal

Based on a Twitter discussion from a few days ago, we now have Death and Undead in Tathir, featuring a new Devotee Patron: Arel, goddess of love, joy, death, and laughter!