New Content for Ebon Fantasy!

Over on the Ebon Fantasy page, we now have the Martial Practitioner, for those who prefer their Warriors to fight without weapons, and a discussion of Death and Undead in Tathir, which includes the Patron info for Devotees of Arel, goddess of love, joy, death, and laughter!

Ebon Fantasy Essence is now available!

Ebon Fantasy Essence, our introduction to Ebon Fantasy, is now available on DriveThru!

So what is Ebon Fantasy? It’s our own adaptation of the Effect Engine, incorporating concepts from our earlier Aperita Arcana supplement for it. Where the first Effect Engine game tried to keep compatibility with early D&D, so you could use it to play D&D adventures, Ebon Fantasy moves away from that, freeing it to make more significant changes, and to use the Effect Engine in different ways.

Essence gives you the core rules of Ebon Fantasy, covering character levels 1 to 10. All the classes are included, but a limited set of class specialties, kindreds, and backgrounds are in it. Future products will expand on it, introducing more of each, along with creatures, adventures, and so on!

So go check it out!